By Lisa Buth


Though the title of this blog might suggest some new and bizarre type of frozen treat, it’s really just a very unique and special way to make a difference in the life of the fatherless.

In recognition of Adoption Awareness Month, the owners of the Louisville Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchises have very generously offered to donate 100% of the tips they receive every Sunday throughout the month of November to Orphan Care Alliance (OCA).

“The basis behind our partnerships is our core value as a group to ‘give generously,’” said Bardstown Road Assistant Manager Malisa Carroll. “We want to give of our money and time to those in need in the community. The Sunday tips and partnerships are a great way to get our employees to take ownership of that and have involvement in how we give. It’s not always the best business plan to give away money, but we feel that it keeps us grounded in making the community around a store a better place because we are there.”

It’s a great opportunity to invite friends, family, co-workers, strangers at the check-out line to enjoy frozen yogurt and support OCA. Whether you pile the kids in the car and take them out for a healthy treat, surprise a loved one “for no reason at all” or indulge your own craving, if ever there was a perfect time and place to tip generously, Sundays in November at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is it!

With three locations serving such a wide area of Louisville, there’s sure to be an Orange Leaf near you!

Locations and Sunday hours of operation:

3567 Springhurst Boulevard – next to Dick’s Sporting Goods (1:00-9:30 p.m.)
3012 Bardstown Road – in the Gardiner Lane shopping center (1:00-10:00 p.m.)
6661 Dixie Hwy – in front of Lowes (1:00-10:00 p.m.)





 By Lisa Buth


We all do it. Call it extreme spring cleaning or just a reorganization of our homes, but about once a year or so, we gather up all those household items we don’t use or the clothes we’ve outgrown or the baby furniture gathering dust in our basements and take them to a thrift store. It would be nice to hand them directly to people who could really use them, but who do we know in such need? No one . . . yet. Through a program aptly named You Share, however, we have an opportunity to meet those needs directly.

You Share came about as a result of a need felt by Safe Families for Children. Safe Families is a program that supports people by providing a temporary home for kids whose parents are experiencing short-term problems. But many of these people were lacking cribs or baby clothes. And many of the parents that Safe Families also support were without a sofa or bedding. You Share was designed to meet those needs.

You Share is looking for people to fill those shortages. No, we won’t always have all the items needed, but we certainly know people who know people who might. In addition to providing household items, You Share is also looking for folks to donate their services. If you can repair a car, paint a wall, fix a plumbing leak, install a ceiling fan, tutor a child, assemble a crib, drive kids to the doctor, pump a bike tire . . . anything, You Share needs you.

It’s a terrific opportunity to make a difference, firsthand, in the lives of others!





By Lisa Buth


Sometimes the commitment is just too much. You can sympathize with parents who don’t have friends and family to act as a safety net when times gets tough, and you want to help (you really do!) but you simply cannot take on the role of surrogate parent. Yes, the goal of Safe Families for Children is to provide a temporary home for kids whose parents are having a tough time – maybe they lost their job or were hospitalized or were evicted from their home – but there is definitely more of a need than just pinch-hitting for mom or dad.

One of the avenues to get involved is as a family friend. You connect with the biological family as a sounding board, confidante, helper . . . friend. Everyone needs someone in their life, a person to bounce ideas off, dump the day’s problems on, help find housing, or share a laugh. And a family in crisis is especially needful.

Another opportunity to help is to volunteer as a case coach. A case coach primarily supports the host family, assisting them with any issues that may arise and helping to ensure that the host family and biological family are communicating and building a relationship. But in the event that a family friend is not available for the biological parent, the coach will help the parent move towards getting back on his or her feet.

And finally, Safe Families needs resource families. A resource family works with everyone involved. They may supply diapers or babysitting to the host family and/or cribs and minor home repairs to the biological family. Whatever the need, the resource family will help to provide.
Eventually, says Stacia Washausen, director of family support at Orphan Care Alliance, they want to bring it back to the churches.

“Before, it was the church who took care of families in need and families in crisis, and I think that’s what this program is about . . . taking it out of the State’s hands and putting it back into the church, where it should be.”





By Lisa Buth


Once again, the Louisville franchise of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt has partnered with Orphan Care Alliance to offer the community a very special opportunity to help the fatherless. If you bring new children’s pajamas into any one of the three Orange Leaf stores listed below between November 9 and December 16, you’ll receive a coupon good for 3oz of frozen yogurt. The coupon can be used at that time or saved for later.

The pajamas will be given to Kids Care Closet, where items are then distributed to Kentuckiana orphans. Any gender, any youth size, any style. You can find pajamas priced as little as $7 at some stores. Online prices can start even lower.

We’re out. We’re shopping. Let’s add some PJ’s to the cart and keep some very needy kids snuggly warm this winter.

Locations and hours of operation:

3567 Springhurst Boulevard – next to Dick’s Sporting Goods
Mon-Thurs: 2pm-9:30pm Fri: 2pm-11pm Sat: 12pm-11pm Sun: 1pm-9:30pm

3012 Bardstown Road – in the Gardiner Lane shopping center
Mon-Fri: 12pm-10pm Sat: 11am-11pm Sun: 1pm-10pm

6661 Dixie Hwy – in front of Lowes
Mon-Thurs: 12pm-10pm Fri-Sat: 12pm-11pm Sun: 1pm-10pm


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