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Well, actually, I DO have something to say! And while it may sound a little like I’m whining (I’ll take the sympathy, please), I’m actually more tooting my own horn.

Turns out, I’m something of a website genius. Wait . . . maybe that’s too strong. Turns out, I’m something of a desperate, website-capable novice.

I have two sons. Both sons are website developers. I feel I need to reiterate that in capital letters. WEBSITE DEVELOPERS! Who made Mom’s website? Mom made Mom’s website. Granted, it was WordPress, so maybe a lizard with opposable thumbs could have made it, but still . . . I have two sons who are web developers!

My website took me two weeks to simply fill in the blanks. I had to find and crop some pictures, copy old newspaper articles and rewrite them all, outline my pages, make a billion “view” buttons, tag my pictures so they didn’t show up as “email-slingshot.jpg” (or some such idiocy) when someone scrolled over them, format my pages with “heading2″ and “paragraph” and “bold” and some line thing to separate my buttons from my text, pad the margins using HTML, and a dozen other nitnoidy things that I feel certain my sons could’ve completed in a day.

But they both go to school full-time as well as work full-time, so I understand. And I did get SOME help from them. I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: Had they made my website for me, this first blog would’ve probably been about something interesting rather than an opportunity for me to dump on everyone. So in a very circular and ironic way, we all have them to thank!



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